A 28 years old Sumesh Joshi (name changed) from MP is a trainee jawan in CRPF at Jamshedpur. While ramming in an Iron Peg for raising tent, this jawan sustained sudden sharp entry of piece of iron into left side of his tummy on 23rd Oct 2018. Prompt exploration of wound by local doctors did not reveal any foreign body though it was seen on X-Ray. Though jawan did not have any bodily symptoms, he was mentally restless given the concern towards fate of intraabdominal iron piece and his training & examination within next 02 weeks. With this burden he approached Senior GI Surgeon, Dr. Sudhir Tomey at Trinity Hospital Nagpur who immediately advised CT Scan which revealed 2×2 cm foreign body in left upper abdomen between kidney and large intestine. This was promptly removed by Dr. Tomey via laparoscopic operation saving patient’s mental and physical agony. He was discharged within 02 days.

Dr. Tomey was aided by a team of local doctors and technicians viz Dr. Vinod, Dr. Dhirendra, Dr. Arjun and Umesh Taiwade & Sachin Murar. Expert anesthesia was provided by Dr. Rasika Timane. Patient and his family thanked Dr. Tomey and his team profusely for their prompt action.

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