Celebrating “World Ostomy Day”

Surgical advances in Gastrointestinal Surgery for both cancerous and non-cancerous diseases have opened up a new field Enterostomal Therapy, i.e. caring for artificial faecal & urinary diversion (ostomy on the front part of tummy) and the patients are called Ostomates.

It’s a new field developed over last four decades in India with few ostomy associations in metro cities.  Our city has this association at present.

Every year there are many people who courageously accept this decision for life. It is full of adjustments and a well adjusted life can give lot of happiness to self and others.

The deprivation of normal control and alteration in physical appearance can have profound psychological impact. The fear of offending others because of malodourous secretions and physical disfigurement can make ostomate avoid social contacts even with family and friends.

This is where Enterostomal Therapist (ET Nurse) comes into action. The role of ET includes Preoperative education and Counselling, Stoma Site selection, Pre & Post-operative technical advice, outpatient follow-up and ongoing rehabilitation care with emotional support to patient and family.


(Adopted by united Ostomy house of Delegates at the UOA Annual Conference 1977)

  1. Be given Pre-operative counselling
  2. Have an appropriately positioned stoma site
  3. Have a well-constructed stoma
  4. Have skilled Postoperative nursing care
  5. Have emotional support
  6. Have individual instructions
  7. Be informed non availibity of supplies
  8. Be provided with information on community resources
  9. Have post hospital follow up and lifelong supervision
  10. Benefits from team efforts of health care professionals
  11. Be provided with information and counsel from ostomy associations and its members

With these rights in mind and a vision to establish central India ostomy association in Nagpur, we at DEW Medicare and Trinity Hospital, Nagpur are celebrating World Ostomy Day on 2nd Oct 2016. All ostomates and their care providers are invited for the programme.

Venue: DEW Medicare and Trinity Hospital
80-81Hindustan Colony, 
Wardha Road, Sai Mandir Chowk, Nagpur
Date:  2nd October 2016
Time:  10:00am to 01:00pm

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